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​​It all started in the summer of 2014. I was visiting family in Oregon.  We had rented a beach house in Rockaway Beach for the week. As we traveled up and down the coast from Astoria down to Coos Bay and every small town in between. It seemed as Bigfoot was everywhere. Bigfoot Pictures, Bigfoot life size cut outs, Bigfoot wooden statues, Bigfoot stuffed animals, and Bigfoot action figures.

Bigfoot was more popular than Elvis. From Gas Stations to mom and pop restaurants to large retail chains. Everyone seemed to have Bigfoot represented in some way. Behind every corner you turned, you had a great chance of running into a Bigfoot. 

The vacation soon changed from enjoying and relaxing on the beautiful Oregon coastline, to competing with my sister to snap the next picture of Bigfoot. The pictures to the right are Bigfoots I spotted throughout my travels that summer. 

However it did not end in Oregon. Once I came home to Colorado, I visited Manitou Springs. As I walked in and out of shops I saw Bigfoot shirt after Bigfoot shirt. That night on the local news they had a story and a picture of someone spotting Bigfoot in the State of Tennessee. That next weekend I traveled to Pike's Peak. I came across Bigfoot street signs, statues and Bigfoot merchandise in the store on top of the peak. 

It was a sign!!! Bigfoot was following me!!! Everywhere I went that summer Bigfoot was in my shadows.  

Now do I believe in Bigfoot of course not. However, it is fun to think about the possibilities. 

As I worked two full time jobs 7 days a week for 5 years. I dreamed of not being attached to someone that controlled my schedule. I want to do what I want to do, when I want to do it.  I want to work for myself. I want to be my own boss. 

I started humbly but with a grand plan, with Bigfoot in my mind and a dream to become my own boss someday.

I have created the finest Hot Dawg cart this world has ever seen, or at least Castle Rock, Colorado has ever seen. and in the winter of 2016, I packed up and moved out to Arizona, So now you can enjoy delicious Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Dawgs right here in Goodyear, Arizona.

So, I now proudly present you Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Dawgs.  A Hot Dawg cart with tasty meals, snacks  and treats. Good Enough for Bigfoot, Good enough for the human species. 

 I hope to share my Bigfoot Dawgs with you. So head on out and find Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Dawgs. 

I will update my location and hours every single day on this website. Stop on by and enjoy a good lunch or dinner. You won't be sorry you did.

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"It's Sasquatchilicious!"

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"It's Sasquatchilicious!"