Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Dawgs

"It's Sasquatchilicious!"

Our Menu

Here at Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Dawgs, We are not “Just a Hot Dog Truck”, But yes we do specialize in serving the HIGHEST Grade ALL BEEF Hot Dogs. The juiciest Beer Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, Italian Sausage with my uniquely seasoned Bell Peppers and Sauteed Onions on top.  My SIGNATURE Item The "Bigfoot Dog" is a HALF POUND ALL BEEF hot dog, And Its the biggest hot dog you will ever see! So big Bigfoot himself endorses it! So big Customers take selfies with them. We also have a long list of some unique speciality Dogs Bacon Dog, Green Chili Dog, Jalapeno and Nacho Cheese Dog along with many many more, We also encourage our customers to load up their Hot Dogs with their own toppings at our toppings bar.  We have Fresh Sauerkraut, Chopped Onions, Bacon Bits, Fried Onions,Hot Sauce, Celery Seed, Dill Relish, Mayo, 7 types of Mustard and the best tasting ketchup on the market!, Also for the adults we have a Bigfoot Meatball Sandwich That has 7 giant 1 oz meatballs topped with melted Provolone and Parmesan Cheese and fresh Oregano, The list goes on with Soft Pretzels, Nachos, Ultimate Nachos, Giant Pickles, Peanuts, Cotton Candy, Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ice Cream Bars, Candy Bars. We even have a Kids Menu with a Macaroni and Cheese Hot Dog   and a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich on a Hot Dog bun! All Kids menu combos are served with a Applesauce Cup, fresh cookie and a Capri Sun! The kids and the parents love this option! We do private parties, Corporate Parties, City Events. Birthdays, Sports Events, We will come to you and serve your workplace lunch. Anything you need we can do it. Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Dawgs is the most affordable Food Truck in the Valley!!!

"It's Sasquatchilicious!"

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WINNER OF FOODSTOCK 2018 BEST HOT DOG / BRAT/ SAUSAGE - Rocky Mountain Bigfoot Dawgs